A Unique Addition to Crafting Projects

It has been said you can never have enough washi tape. This unique product is very versatile and can be used in hundreds of different crafting projects. Once you begin using this tape, it will inspire you in so many different ways. It comes in a variety of types, colors and sizes. You can find one that will match your current craft project perfectly. This tape also comes with printed designs to inspire new washi tape ideas. If you are currently working on a scrapbook, notebook or just want to add something special to your stationary, it will be easy to find the perfect washi kawaii store to compliment them all.

Students enjoy using this tape to add color and design to their notebooks. It is a great way to add some style and fun to everyday homework and notes. The possibilities are endless, and it can help bring some excitement to study time. Many people also use this product in their journals and diaries. It is a great way to add something special to words that have been written to ensure you never forget a special day or memory. Next time you frame your notes with a beautiful piece of washi tape, you will instantly see the difference, and you will be hooked.

This product can be used around a glass candle holder to create a beautiful glow. You can switch out the color to match the season or the holiday. Custom gifts can be created for loved ones that will make them smile each time they use them. Wrapping this tape around a glass candle holder is very simple and easy. Be sure to keep your hands steady as you carefully measure the exact amount needed to fit all the way around the glass. As the lit candle shines through the tape, it will create an very unique glow.

Once you make your first purchase of washi tape, you will soon see all of the different ways it can fit into your current craft projects. As your collection grows, you will continue to use it not only for crafts, but as a way to brighten each day. Every member of the family will want to choose their own favorite color, size and design. Children enjoy using this product and adding it to their art work. This is a fun, exciting and affordable craft tape product you will enjoy for many years.


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